Independent Baptist Camp

Independent Baptist Camp offers a challenging week of preaching, camping, fellowship, and activity.  We meet for camp at the beginning of June, high up in the mountains in the Top of Utah.  Through the support of the local churches involved in the camp, we have been able to keep our registration prices at a minimum, making us one of the most affordable camps in the United States.

Young people who attend our camp will be stirred to action by the preaching, will be strengthened in their personal devotions, will be encouraged in their spiritual life, and will gain an appreciation for God, for their church, and for their family through the spiritual emphasis of the week.

Camp is a fun week.  Friendships will be forged, skills will be learned, memories will be made, sleep will be lost, food will be consumed (and downright good food at that), and socks will be lost.  We fill the days with teaching and activities, and in the event that you should discover a dull moment, we will do our best to shine it up and hand it back.  You will laugh hard, think hard, play hard, and when the week is up, you will have a hard time leaving.

This year’s dates for IBC are June 11-15, 2018.  A registration fee of $50 is due Sunday, May 20, and the remaining balance of $75 is due Sunday, June 11.  A late registration fee of $30 will be charged after May 20.  If a family sends four or more campers, the fourth child and beyond will only be charged $50 for the week.

We trust that you will set time aside for this wonderful week of camp.  And by God’s grace, we trust that it will make a difference in your life.Independent Baptist Camp Logo_Regular_Small